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Location   Peerless Companies  |  18 Lake Ave Ste 3  |  Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Michael Scuola

Michael Scuola is the Principal Founder and Managing Member of Peerless Companies, LLC. With a strong background rooted in family business, Michael gained valuable experience working in his family’s dry cleaning business while pursuing his education. His passion for real estate led him to obtain his real estate salesperson license and work part-time at a local brokerage.

Driven by his passion, Michael started managing his own home renovations and expanded to offer management services to third-party property owners. This venture provided him with valuable market insights and established Peerless’ commitment to treating all assets with the utmost care.

As the business grew, Michael formed partnerships to acquire distressed multifamily properties and land. In 2021, he successfully navigated the planning board process and completed a six-lot subdivision on a distressed horse farm. This led to the establishment of Peerless Builders, LLC, in collaboration with Robert Delfin, focusing on luxury renovations and value-add projects.

Michael’s expertise extends to managing a diverse portfolio, including luxury condo associations, distressed assets, and investor-owned properties. With a value-add approach, he brings stability and improves living conditions for residents, while delivering successful outcomes for owners and investors.

As the leader of Peerless Companies, Michael is a relatable, approachable, and caring professional. His diligent work ethic and commitment to excellence drive the company’s delivery of exceptional real estate solutions, providing peace of mind to their clients.

With a shared vision for success and a dedication to exceeding client expectations, Michael and the Peerless Companies team are committed to delivering exceptional real estate solutions and creating value for their clients.

Contact us today to learn more about how Mike and the rest of the Peerless Companies team can help you with your real estate needs. Build. Manage. Invest. with Peerless Companies.